Something for everyone


You don’t have to have a knack for crafts, or be an expert in the arts to create something wonderful, let us inspire you to make something with your own fair hands- for your home, for a family member or just a little something for yourself.

You can deco patch almost any item you can think of, soooo select a shape/letter/animal from our baskets, pick a pattern from out patch paper selection…cut…and stick…peasy peasy!!

Block printing is super simple and can be personalised with our fabric paint pens, simply pick a block(s) of your choice, chose the paint colours you’d like to use, along with a fabric blank, sponge dip the paint onto your block and print away!

Or why not be guided buy a pompom maker to make a fun and colourful garland. We have lots of inspiration here, in the form of books, creations made with love by our local artisans and fun things we’ve created ourselves around the studio, so you won’t be short of ideas.

There really are so many ways for people of all ages to enjoy creating things with their own twist, things that nobody else will have, making something unique to you is pretty awesome, and with most of our crafts there is instant gratification.

We hope you guys feel the pride we feel, when we see you sit down to use your imagination, and leave with something special x


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